The Mending House | Supporting A Child’s Hope International
Working to meet the needs of vulnerable children wherever they may be found
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A Child’s Hope International

A Child’s Hope International is a non-profit corporation working to meet the needs of vulnerable children wherever they may be found, both within the United States and abroad. They do this by establishing four bridges of care through humanitarian aid, foster care, orphan care, and adoption.

By mobilizing the church and the community, they have provided 2 million gallons of clean drinking water and over 20 million high protein meals. Through their outreach, 10,000 children worldwide are fed every day without relying on any government support. In addition, A Child’s Hope International continues to offer humanitarian aid in the form of clothing, blankets, medical supplies, and shelters.

Every 5 seconds a child dies from hunger. By the time you review this page 12 children will have lost their life to the effects of starvation. There are 12 children in this picture. You possess the power to make a difference. Will you?