The Mending House | Mending House Publishing
Mending House Publishing is the first room
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JOHN 14:2

My Father’s House has many rooms…

Mending House Publishing is the first room under construction and began April 12, 2014, on a pleasant afternoon over coffee. A student pursuing his MFA in creative writing, an inner city elementary art teacher, and a recently graduated illustrator discussed the idea of feeding children in need through a book. A children’s book for ages 4-6 titled – So, You Don’t Want To Go To School?

On July 4, 2017, 8 pallets were unloaded from a ship in New York. A cargo of 10,000 hardback children’s books had finally arrived from Singapore. Each book held the promise of feeding 68 children through the outreach of A Child’s Hope International. And the hope of providing 680,000 meals – took its first deep breath.

Imagine a better way. Enact a small part of it. Build a better world. A publishing house that translates the writing talents of others into food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education for children at risk.